Biden obstructs Trump’s attempt to keep secret Capitol storming of documents

Biden obstructs Trump's attempt to keep secret Capitol storming of documents

Supporters of former President Donald Trump during the storming of the Capitol on January 6.AFP photo

Newspapers relate to Trump’s crackdown on the day an angry mob of supporters of the former president stormed the US House of Representatives in Washington.

Trump tried to block the release of the documents. According to him, as a former president, he has the privilege of keeping sensitive documents confidential. Legal experts are divided over whether this applied to a former president.

The House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry wants to prosecute Trump associates who refuse to cooperate with the investigation. The commission was formed to assess the role Donald Trump played in the attack on the Capitol. Most Republican lawmakers describe the committee as representative and refuse to cooperate.

The Commission had summoned former advisers to the former president for their role during the storming operation. Former chief of staff Mark Meadows and former adviser Steve Bannon, among others, have to provide an explanation, but they have declined to appear so far.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6 of this year in an attempt to prevent Biden’s election victory from being officially certified. Since then, hundreds of sympathizers of the former president have been arrested.

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