Biden goes ahead at a time when top Democrats criticize Republicans ” cheated ”

Biden goes ahead at a time when top Democrats criticize Republicans '' cheated ''

Schumer added: “Republicans must stop their deception about the election that President Trump has already lost and focus their attention on the urgent issue at hand – providing relief to a country in the health and economic crisis of the Coronavirus.”

Efforts to pass such legislation stalled before the elections.

Biden has won enough from the contending states to surpass the 270 required electoral votes in each state’s Electoral College that determine the next president. It also wins the popular vote by more than 5.2 million votes, or 3.4 percentage points, with only a handful of states still counting votes.

Biden in the past few days has not reacted publicly to Trump’s long-standing challenge, instead focusing on planning his administration. Longtime Chancellor Ron Klein was appointed Chief of Staff to the White House on Wednesday, his first major appointment before taking office on January 20.

The Trump campaign filed a series of lawsuits aimed at challenging vote counting in pivotal states, making unfounded allegations of widespread election fraud. State election officials said no such widespread fraud had occurred.

Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi urged Republicans to join them and pass legislation to address the

“They are in a silly circus right now, and they refuse to accept reality,” Pelosi said.

In a sign of weakening support for Trump’s efforts, he rose Las Vegas Magazine ReviewOn Thursday, owned by major Republican donors Sheldon Adelson, he released an editorial saying Trump “seeks to postpone the inevitable.”

The editorial said: “There is no evidence that fraud cost Trump the election, regardless of how much the president tweets to the contrary, and his supporters hope so.”

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The return of the epidemic

New records of daily coronavirus infections and hospitalizations in the United States ensured that the presidential transition would be dominated by the response to the pandemic, which has worsened since the elections.

Klein, who held the “Ebola Caesar” position for Democratic President Barack Obama in 2014 during the outbreak of this virus in West Africa, is expected to play a leading role in the Biden administration’s response to the national spike in COVID-19 cases.

About 242,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. The United States again set records on Wednesday with more than 140,000 new cases of coronavirus.

Attention is now expected to turn to Biden’s cabinet picks, although aides have so far provided little clues about when the announcement will take place.

In foreign policy, diplomat and longtime close friend Anthony Blinken is seen as a potential choice for the Secretary of State or National Security Adviser.

Whoever is chosen as Treasury Secretary will have to deal with recession and unemployment, as well as act as a focal point for tackling wealth inequality, climate change, and other issues.

And the foreign allies congratulated Biden. A group of former world leaders known as the Elders, headed by former Irish President Mary Robinson, urged Trump to accept defeat, fearing that he would “endanger the work of American democracy.”

Since major news organizations called the Biden election on Saturday, Trump has kept a minimal public timeline, preferring instead to post his complaints on Twitter, and not mention the growing cases of the virus.

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Last day, two Republican senators – James Lankford and Chuck Grassley – called on the Trump administration to allow Biden access to the daily presidential intelligence reports.

Usually the president-elect of the United States receives such briefings from the intelligence community in order to be quickly informed of the threats facing the United States before taking office.

The Trump team has also been busy collecting money and seeking contributions to push legal challenges.

But a donor has to donate more than $ 8,000 ($ 11,000) before any funds go into an account created to fund election challenges. Instead, small dollar donations will go to the newly formed Republican National Committee or Political Action Committee, which can use the cash for other purposes such as travel expenses or other political campaigns.


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