Biden enters, Trump exits: The White House in 6 hours is decorated to Biden’s taste

Biden enters, Trump exits: The White House in 6 hours is decorated to Biden's taste

January 20, that date every 4 or 8 years is an exciting day for a roving crew in Washington. Under strict timelines, they must take action to take out the outgoing president’s belongings and place the new president’s assets there.

The day of the changing of guards usually begins with inviting the old president behind him to the White House for a cup of coffee. However, that will not happen this year. Donald Trump does not intend to invite Biden home. Will be leaving for Florida early in the morning. It is the first time in more than 100 years that there has been no reception. It’s another sign that Trump is breaking the rule if the president, “says reporter Eric Matthan.

Trump is gone, go ahead

Trump also won’t attend the next moment: the inauguration ceremony at the Capitol. This is the starting point for compilers to take action. Once Trump leaves the house, he can begin removing his belongings. This is very important, Mathan says. “Because the president has to feel he is leaving his house. The president has to be able to sit in his room until the last moment.”

When Biden takes the oath at the opening, at 12:01 a.m., he can start putting his belongings in it. The former head of the family said in 2017, “We have one truck for the outgoing president and his family. It’s parked south. The next truck is north.”

Clean more thoroughly

“The two engines will likely have more time this year, after Trump indicated that he will leave early. However, due to the Coronavirus, additional measures are also being taken at the same time. A more thorough cleaning is needed than is the case,” says Matthan. Usually”.

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The 132 White House rooms must be decorated at any time according to the new president’s taste and preferences. Once Joe Biden sets foot in the most famous home in the United States, he must also feel completely at home.

Outside the wall

That means Biden’s toothbrush is ready in the bathroom, the refrigerator is filled with food Biden liked, and the selfies are already on the walls. The new president can change everything. It is also possible to demolish the wall or paint the wall red with white dots.

But changing things completely immediately is a delicate matter. Obama waited a year and a half with the new furniture for the Oval Office, because he wanted to prevent discussion of the fact that he would spend tens of thousands of euros on his move in the midst of the credit crunch. His predecessor George W. Bush’s bank, “says Matthan.

200 people

However, all sorts of things happen on that first day. There are animators going on and there are people pulling boxes back and forth. In total there are more than 200 people working.

The food will also be adapted for the new president. For example, the Obama family is known to have a lot of interest in healthy food. They had their own botanical garden and Barack Obama always had a bowl of apples on his desk.

Mouthaan says, it doesn’t always have to be a delicacy. “It is known that Michelle Obama insisted on having a microwave in her living room so that she could warm something herself from time to time and not rely on the White House kitchen.” Trump was also very fond of fast food.

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Biden has been known to love pasta with red sauce. Matthan: “It seems like Jill made pasta with tomato sauce every day for a week, hoping to finally order a different dish. But Biden didn’t seem to like it. He also really likes ice cream. Ask for an extra freezer for the new boss.”

This time, Biden’s fitness equipment turned out to be a concern. “He has a smart exercise bike,” says Matthan. “The story now says that the Secret Intelligence rejected this device, because it would be vulnerable to hackers.”

Pay yourself

Transfer doesn’t always go smoothly. Certainly not with Bill and Hillary Clinton in 2001. According to the New York Times, the couple had to pay $ 50,000 after taking gifts not belonging to them, but from the White House.

Other matters of the presidential family. “For example, the family has to pay for all the food themselves. They also have to pay for or bring their own furniture for their own rooms,” says Matthan.

Broken keyboards

Clinton’s move in 2001 is famous. “The night before the handover, they were celebrating until 3 am,” said Anita McBride, First Lady Laura Bush’s chief of staff, to the New York Times. . Made for a messy day. Additionally, party participants had removed the letter W from all keyboards, in protest of Clinton’s successor, George W. Bush.

Laura Bush wanted to prevent a messy transition after eight years by moving things to her Texas ranch in the summer of 2008, six months before opening. The Bush family felt that the new president should be able to act right away, which is certainly not the case. Vice President Pence only contacted his successor, Kamala Harris, last week, and Trump has yet to fully acknowledge his loss. Matthan says.

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Passionate day

For animators, illustrators, housekeepers and chefs, this is not only a busy day, but an emotional one as well. On the morning of the inauguration, Anita McBride said, employees who have served the outgoing president and his family for years will have the opportunity to say goodbye. “Tears are flowing regularly there.”

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