Biden calls inflation temporary and expresses confidence in the Fed


US President Joe Biden sees rising inflation in the US as a temporary phenomenon. At the same time, he made it clear that it is not for the White House to make a decision on devaluation, but for the Federal Reserve. Biden said he reiterated the independence of the US central bank’s umbrella when he recently spoke to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

Inflation is currently rising rapidly in the United States. Fed policy makers see this as a transitional phenomenon, in which the economy picks up sporadically and starts after being physically stagnant at times. Biden agrees. “Inflation left unchecked will be a huge challenge in the long run, but I am confident that it is not now,” the president said.

Through the comments, Biden is facing criticism from Republicans who believe that the president’s economic support and infrastructure plans will lead to increased economic activity. These plans will also lead to rampant inflation. Biden believes, however, that the additional spending will create new business and therefore more competition, which will lead to lower prices.

Biden also criticized the so-called “downstream economy”. This economic theory, which has been particularly popular with Republicans for decades, is based on the tax benefits of the wealthy who will then spend more, so that this benefit eventually ends up also with lower-income Americans. According to him, it is time “for the government to start working for all Americans again.”

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