Best ways to secure your social media accounts

There are many popular social networking services in the world. Everyone used this social media or at least heard about it. According to statics, more than half of the world uses them regularly. We can share photos and videos with our subscribers, start a chat,  leave comments, and get acquainted with new people. The scale of popularity and the number of users make social media the most attractive target for hackers. They resort to different methods to get into someone’s private space, breaching the fundamental human privacy right. We should always be vigilant when using social media because people with bad intentions may pose a serious threat to our safety and security. People can find a lot of information about how to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free. So, it would help if you considered all tips and pieces of advice to prevent very unpleasant consequences.

1. Set a strong and secure password.

It will significantly lower the risk of hacking your account. A good password should be at least 12 characters and contain numbers, capitals, and special characters. Don’t use your initials, birthdate, or something very obvious.

2. Don’t accept friend requests from suspicious and unknown people.

Many swindlers on social media are willing to rob you or get your password pin for your credit card. They may pretend to be somebody else and easily gain the trust. So be careful before starting the chat with a new friend, and under no circumstances share your private information with them. Check whether you have friends in common or come from the same town. In general, seek evidence to prove that your swindler doesn’t hide behind your new friend’s mask. If you smell a rat, block this person, and nobody will bother you again.

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3. Post photos and videos with great care.

Don’t share private details about your personal life because some people may take advantage of it. Your account is visible to everyone, and you cannot even imagine what is in a stranger’s mind. Make sure that all your friends are reliable and trustworthy. So, it is better not to cross the line and be less candid on social media.

4. Protect yourself from phishing scams.

Unfortunately, many hackers resort to this method to steal information. To avoid data theft, don’t follow any unknown links. There can be a big trap for people that buy into catchy descriptions and advertisements. It would help if you also were vigilant when sharing your email address and place of residence.

5. Install security software.

There are plenty of these applications in the marketplace with attractive features. For example, security software detects suspicious links, phishing attempts, and viruses and warns you about them. They are accessible and affordable for everyone.

6. Make your account private.

Most social media have this option for users unwilling to keep their profile info accessible to everyone. This way, swindlers cannot see your personal information at all.


Everyone can become a victim of social media fraud, phishing, or scamming. That is why you should pay great attention to all possible protection methods. Remember that your privacy must be your top priority. You should feel safe and secure when using social media. These tips will help you protect yourself from someone’s fraudulent intentions and make a popular application a great place for sharing some catchy life moments with others. If you stick to all of them, social media will become a perfect place for passing the time with pleasure.

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