Berlus wants clarity: “You won’t be able to get a curfew from the stable in a month” Interior

Berlus wants clarity: "You won't be able to get a curfew from the stable in a month"  Interior

At the Security Council, the heads of 25 security districts – the mayors of the region’s largest municipalities – met Monday evening to discuss the measures and facilitation that await them. Outgoing Welfare Minister Hugo de Jong said afterwards, “though we have to be really careful not to call it looser.” “We know the numbers look good now at first glance, but at a second glance there is a lot of uncertainty about the third wave. The question is when and when it will come. But it will get there.”

Topics discussed included vaccinations, the possibility of opening shops to collect orders and curfews. So President Bruels, the mayor of Nijmegen, was particularly clear about the latter. “It usually ends on February 10th,” Perlus explains. If not, it will happen. We agree that it should be clear what is happening: either you extend it, and then the arguments must weigh down significantly, or stop it, but also definitively. You won’t be able to get him out of the stable within a month. ”Meanwhile, Hugo de Jong indicated that it was still too early to know if the curfew was effective. That is why the outgoing minister did not want to discuss options for abolition or extension.

The Security Council also advised the cabinet to take another look at the possibility of reopening unnecessary warehouses for collecting materials. “We do not support a measure that gives a blurred picture on the shopping streets. In addition, such a thing is difficult to explain to other branches. We always have to see if something is possible, which is why we advised the Cabinet to take another look at it.”

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