Ben Knabin: Countries were surprised by Biden’s invitation

Ben Knabin: Countries were surprised by Biden's invitation

Other countries were taken aback by US President Biden’s call for a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China. This is what outgoing Secretary of State Ben Knappen said at BNR De Wereld. There were no prior consultations.” Knapen would like to take the time to think calmly about the wisdom of what needs to be done from an EU perspective.

Outgoing Foreign Minister Ben KnabinEnvironmental Protection Agency / Tom Calnins

no division

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia have expressed their political boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in China. At the time of the House question, Knaben said earlier that Europe had to make a decision on this. “I think it’s more important that I try to promote that we work together in Europe – or together as much as possible – than when everyone is going their own way and we show big divisions in Europe towards China which I don’t think is good.”

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don’t consult

Asked if Biden’s statement was useful because it puts allies before the bloc, Knaben said: “There have been no consultations on this matter, and other countries have been surprised by this.” However, the outgoing minister does not want to go so far as to say that the allies have been blocked: “Banning means being forced to do something and I have no impression that the United States is in such a position, and that we are all compelled to do the same. We can cast Look, I’m really going to take the time for that, what wisdom to do from an EU perspective?

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Hear the full conversation with the outgoing minister at 3pm on BNR De Wereld

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