Belgium awaits the match with Australia in the Hockey World Cup: “The Red Panthers have a good chance” | hockey world cup

Belgium awaits the match with Australia in the Hockey World Cup: "The Red Panthers have a good chance" |  hockey world cup

The Red Panthers face their second assignment at the World Hockey Championship tonight. With Australia, it offers a discount of a different caliber than South Africa itself. “Belgium already has a good chance of beating Australia,” said Sporza journalist Eddy Demarez.

In its first World Cup match, Belgian women’s hockey swept South Africa 4-1 into a pile. “That was a distorted picture, because the result could have been much higher,” says Eddie DeMaries, who immediately pointed out one of the Red Panthers’ action points.

“The efficiency in the circuit has to increase. The win against South Africa was logical and not overwhelming, but they did what they had to do and this is a smooth win.”

Australian ladies, that’s a different story. “Australia is still 3rd in the world. The Red Panthers are No. 5. Basically it should be sexy. This has often been the case against Australia, although the Australian women have always been a little stronger so far.”

Australia is the physical standard in hockey, but the Red Panthers have also made great strides in this field.

Eddie Damaris

Eddie Demaris still believes in the Belgian chances. It looks like “The Red Panthers have never been this good. They really have a good chance of beating Australia.”

In the event of a win, the Belgian woman also makes a choice in the collective win. “It immediately means that you can only face the Netherlands and Argentina – the number 1 and 2 in the world – in the final.”

Where is Australia’s strength? “They are strong, fast, powerful and have a lot of power in fencing. Australia, also for men, is the physical standard in hockey. But the Red Panthers have also made huge strides in the physical field in recent years. Belgium is stronger than ever. And that will be essential against Australia. also “.

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‘The mental aspect will be decisive again’

Who are the Red Panthers we are looking forward to on Tuesday night? Eddie Demaris knows that “21-year-old striker Charlotte Engelbert is a pretty amazing talent.” “It’s already leading the world in one way or another and it will be for the foreseeable future. It has work and it can finish too.”

In the back, 20-year-old Helen Brassor catches the eye. “She plays centrally in defense alongside Stephanie Vanden-Bure. Together they are an incredibly strong defensive duo. Brassor plays there as if she’s been doing it 10 years ago.”

“The great rising talent of recent years, Amber Ballingen, has been a bit fuzzy in the last few games. She has yet to show herself in this World Cup. Usually she is a player who scores every game. This is her best hope. The sequel.”

“In any case, the decisive element will again be the mental aspect. Against Australia, we will see if the Red Panthers are ready to close those crucial matches with a score. They did not succeed in the previous World Cup and in qualifying for the Olympics for the 2016 and 2020 Games.”

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