Belgian cats at the World Cup in Australia in a strong group including the US and China: ‘Of course getting to the quarter-finals is the approach’

Belgian cats at the World Cup in Australia in a strong group including the US and China: 'Of course getting to the quarter-finals is the approach'

The Belgian cats at that time were celebrating qualification for the World Cup. © BELGA

The draw for the World Cup in Sydney, Australia, brought a strong group of Belgian cats, ranked 5 in the world. The Cats fall into Group A with the world and Olympic champions the United States (FIBA 1), Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIBA 26), China (FIBA 7), South Korea (FIBA 13) and another team to be selected after Russia is excluded. . This decision will be made by the International Basketball Federation on March 25. Puerto Ricans are usually hunted.

Patrick Seulmans

“A strong group. America in our group is not bad. You can then avoid them in the quarter-finals if you qualify. General Manager Quinn Omans says a place in the top eight is our number one ambition. The top four of two groups of six qualified for the quarter-finals. On March 25, the “Belgian Cats” will meet their fifth opponent in the World Cup. Due to the exclusion of Russia, this is usually Puerto Rico (FIBA 17). They finished fourth in the World Cup qualifiers in the Belgium, Washington and Santo Domingo groups. The other contenders are Mali, Brazil or perhaps Spain if the FIBA ​​respects the world ranking.

end of september

The 19th edition of the Women’s Basketball World Cup will take place from 22 September to 1 October at two locations in Sydney. For the Belgian cats, this is the second time they have attended the World Championships. In 2018, they made their World Cup debut in Tenerife, Spain. Emma Messman and her colleagues took fourth place. They lost in the semi-finals after a great match against the mighty United States.

Antonia Dellaire aims for revenge

Belgian cat Antonia Delayer, who is currently the starring in Spain’s Liga Femenina and Zaragoza, looked cautiously satisfied after the World Cup draw in Sydney, Australia. “This is a very tough group. Playing against America, the best basketball country in the world will always be unique. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we basically know where the danger comes from. Junkel Jones is one of the best players in the world. In the European Championship qualifiers in Sarajevo in November We lost to Bosnia and it was a great match. So it’s time for revenge,” Antonia DeLaer winks. Korea may be weaker than Japan and China, but they should not be underestimated. They don’t lose their matches with exaggerated numbers. If we want to qualify and therefore finish in the first four in Group A, we will definitely have to leave them behind. As well as the team that will join us after excluding Russia. Let’s hope Puerto Rico. China is a strong team, but we also have chances to win against them. I think it is especially important that with the renewed ‘next generation’ core we have five matches in the group stage. This is important in terms of experience in such a tournament. “To reach the quarter-finals is, of course, the goal,” said Antonia Delayer. (cpm)

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