‘Batgirl’ video group introduces first transgender character to DCEU

'Batgirl' video group introduces first transgender character to DCEU

It’s finally time, and a new photo on the set of Batgirl and an accompanying amateur video appears to introduce DCEU’s first transgender character, Alicia Yeoh.

Twitter user Tweet embed She shared shots of actress Ivory Aquino laughing with lead actress Leslie Grace (Barbara Gordon).

It should be noted that the casting process has not yet been officially announced, but this undoubtedly will not be long.

Yeoh first appeared in Batgirl #1 From 2011, he was Gordon’s roommate and later married Batgirl #45 With her friend Jo Muñoz.

Aquino is best known for her portrayal of human rights activist Cecilia Chung when we rise (2017), a documentary/short series about the current state of LGBT rights in the United States.

Staff to enjoy
JK Simmons will return as Commissioner Jim Gordon in a much larger role (after his limited stake in Justice Squad) and directors Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah have taken on Brendan Fraser as the great villain Firefly, the alternate character of Garfield Lenz.

Batgirl should debut on HBO Max during 2022.

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