Backlash against the advent calendar for “cruel” celebrations

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Consumers are waking up to a “cruel” joke on the Advent calendar that saw them wake up three times in a row to a huge disappointment.

Chocolate lovers have been so frustrated with what they received behind the first few doors of this year’s UK calendar celebrations, with some accusing the company of “ruining Christmas”.

The calendar has been dubbed the “bad joke” by angry customers, all because of innocent Bounty chocolate – a dessert often universally seen as inferior to other choices.

Celebrations in the UK met a backlash over the Bounty stunt. Source: Amazon

For years the company caused a buzz about its controversial chocolate placement on the calendar – one year it put it first before last year put it in the first two spots.

Customers this year have complained that the brand, owned by Mars, has taken a step too far, expressing their refusal to receive a reward on the second, third, and fourth days of December.

Behind door number one was Malteser, giving consumers false hope that the Bounty games might be over.

“Well, that didn’t last long, didn’t it?!?! Org !!! At least not on Monday … How about doing a non-Bounty Advent calendar?!?!” One upset Bounty hatter wrote to the company on Twitter.

Hundreds of unhappy customers went to Twitter to file a complaint with the company.  Source: Twitter
Hundreds of unhappy customers went to Twitter to file a complaint with the company. Source: Twitter

“This is a joke now,” another wrote right after the fourth window opened, adding in a separate tweet: “If the fifth day is a bonus, I don’t know what to do.”

Another person wrote “Get them in the trash!” Another said, “Someone has to take responsibility.”

Three in a row = three unhappy children! Another said, “I hope there will be no more rewards.”

The brand was far from regretting her apparent rogue act, mocking naysayers in multiple drawings mocking them.

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One of them was a stock photo of a sleeping man with a bad photoshop of a giant bounty in his arms and the words, “We’re sleeping deeply and we know we’ve posted a #BountyLove.”

Another was of a woman whispering into a man’s ear pictured next to a limb with goosebumps and the words, “When you hear someone standing for a bounty.”

The brand tried to ease the fears of its fan base, letting them know that it still had some “Twix” up its sleeve.

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