“ Away ” star Hilary Swank speaks out after Netflix’s cancellation of the Space series

`` Away '' star Hilary Swank speaks out after Netflix's cancellation of the Space series

Netflix has been officially canceled Away On Tuesday, star Hilary Swank was quick to speak. Swank got to Instagram with a still picture and some final words in the series shortly after the news broke. Fans were shocked, and angrily commented on her behalf.

Away It debuted on September 4 and is now canceled after just one season, according to a report by final date. It was the emotional story of an international crew making the first manned flight to Mars, led by Swank character Emma Green. Swank seemed to partially bid farewell to Green’s voice, writing, “Love and Hope will always be My North Star. It has been a wonderful journey buddies.”

She concluded with an emoji with a peace sign, “And thank you to all the extraordinary followers who watched and supported our beautiful show. I wish we were showing you Mars! Until the next show.”

Swank’s post got over 10,000 likes in a matter of hours and a lot of comments from fans too. For many, it was the first time they had heard of the show being canceled, and they were ruined. Some even shared their hope that this would continue in some form, perhaps through a fan petition or another streaming service.

“Hope it continues somehow!” A fan commented with rocket ship emojis. Another added: “It is very sad … but I am very grateful for this first season.”

“Oh, I was really looking forward to Mars!” A third person added with a crying emoji.

Away It is a near-future science fiction drama written by Andrew Hinderaker and based on Respected Essay by Chris Jones. It centered around the joint Mars initiative to send a crew to Mars, including a Chinese chemist, a British botanist, a Russian astronaut, an Indian medical officer and an American commander from NASA.

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The show sets up multiple seasons by planning a three-year mission, so it might have been three seasons before the cast set foot on Mars. Sadly, it looks like they won’t get there now. Netflix described it as a show “about hope, humanity, and how we ultimately need each other if we want to achieve the impossible”.

Swank co-starred with Josh Charles, Vivien Wu, Mark Evanier, Atto Esandoh, Ray Panthay and Talitha Batman. The series contained 10 episodes, ranging in length from 44 minutes to 57 minutes. They’re still streaming on Netflix, even if there aren’t any more installments to come.

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