Aviation accident in Mersen coincides with an accident in the United States | 1 Limburg

Aviation accident in Mersen coincides with an accident in the United States |  1 Limburg

Not only did a plane crash in Mersen on Saturday, but villagers in Colorado, USA, survived a disaster when a passenger plane lost its engine.

It comes to the town of Broomfield where parts of a Boeing 777-200 have landed over 1,600 meters long.

Landed safely
A passenger plane was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members from United Airlines. The plane recently took off from Denver International Airport bound for Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks to the resolute intervention of the pilots, the plane was able to return and land safely.

Playing football
Two girls told a CNN reporter how they were training on a soccer field when debris on the sports field fell hard. The probability that the plane will simply lose parts in the air is really small. The chance of this happening twice a day, in Mersen and Broomfield, is extremely small.

Minimize debris
As in Mersen, aviation authorities in America require residents not to touch or move debris. Each part of the aircraft will be thoroughly described and analyzed. Researchers hope to use the shrapnel to track exactly how the accident arose. The same time-consuming procedure seems reasonable to Mersenne.

Guilty Debt
The National Police Flight Control Team is investigating the accident of a cargo plane that lost parts of it over Mersen on Saturday afternoon. The department examines whether there is guilt, according to police reports. This police investigation is separate from the investigation conducted by the Dutch Safety Council.

Longtail Flying
A spokesman for Longtail Aviation, the airline that was flying over Mersen, agreed to cooperate fully with the investigation. The spokesman said the cause of the engine failure was not yet known. It is suggested that the motor blades may have absorbed something while starting.

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Police in Limburg have called on the residents of Mersen to leave the shrapnel and warn the police about the discovery.

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According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the 26-year-old plane’s right-hand engine failed shortly after takeoff from Denver. Much more composite and aluminum parts ended up on Earth than in Mersenne. But as in Limburg, nobody was injured in a serious or fatal miracle.

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