Australian media fined for reporting abuse of Cardinal Pell

Australian media fined for reporting abuse of Cardinal Pell

Twelve Australian media outlets have been fined by a judge in that country for their coverage of the criminal case against Cardinal George Pell. He was on trial in 2018 for sexually assaulting choir members in the mid-1990s. Media organizations have to pay amounts ranging from more than 600 euros to more than 280,000 euros.

At the time, Bell was a close advisor to Pope Francis and the third man in the Vatican. The highest-ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church was suspected of abuse.

To ensure Pell receives a fair trial, unmoved by public opinion, the Australian judge ruled that the media could not report on the trial and its outcome. Sun Request a mask It is not uncommon in countries that have a legal system based on UK law.


When Bale was convicted in December 2018, he put the media in Australia in a difficult position. The case attracted a lot of attention around the world, with all international news agencies reporting on it, but the media in Australia was prevented from doing so.

No Australian news organization has dared to report directly about the trial and verdict against Pell. Some reported that they were unable to report a lawsuit against a high-profile figure. In some cases, references were made to publications in foreign media.

Melbourne’s largest newspaper came out with a black front page bearing the word “censorship” in white letters. Underneath it reads: “The world is reading an important story. The Herald Sun isn’t allowed to publish details. But trust us, the story is worth a read.”

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