Australian Grand Prix in 2021 in danger: ‘they don’t want to take a risk’

GP van Australië in 2021 loopt gevaar: "ze willen het risico niet nemen"

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According to a reliable source Cars and sports The first race of 2021 in Melbourne is under pressure. Due to the Coronavirus, the Australian Grand Prix is ​​at large and Bahrain appears to be the first race of 2021. At least that is true thickness It is mentioned.

It turned out that the 2020 season was one of the most historic seasons ever in Formula 1 history, and the year was supposed to start in Australia, but due to the Corona virus, the race was canceled and the season kicked off at Red Bull. Ring in Austria. This was a huge loss to all of the people who participated in the event, the fans who were already on the field, the teams that were all set to start, and the people who had already built the ring.

The 2020 season is now over and everyone is already preparing for 2021. The first race is scheduled for March 21, 2021 and should be held in Albert Park. However, FIA Director Jan Todd said recently that he was still expecting some changes, as the Coronavirus is still present in most countries. It is now also known that the first race in Formula E has been postponed as well.

It is usually reliable Cars and sports Reports indicate that the Australian Grand Prix is ​​currently under question again. Michael Schmidt said in a video from: “From what we understand, the Australian Grand Prix is ​​in danger again thickness. “They don’t want to risk giving up a job, which is being paid a lot of money for, and then they eventually have to cancel it because the government has to do it.”

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“It’s very difficult to get to Australia at the moment.” It is very difficult to obtain permission to enter the country. And if you already have permission to do so, you must also be in quarantine for 14 days. “From what I heard, Melbourne is trying to find another date and then the 2021 season in Bahrain starts.”

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