Australia is taking tough action against online bullies

Australia is taking tough action against online bullies

The Australian government has introduced a far-reaching bill to combat cyberbullying and abuse by adults. If companies and platforms don’t remove the insult online within 24 hours, they risk a fine of more than 3 tons.

Clarification – Cyberbullying via computer.Lex Van Laishute

The Australian government wants one Electronic Safety Commissioner Created, says Mireille van Ishoud, professor of information law at the University of Amsterdam. “This new authority has far-reaching powers to enforce law over websites and platforms.” Two groups can join this group Electronic Safety Commissioner Complaint: Adults can file a complaint themselves, but parents or guardians can also file a report on their children’s behalf.

It’s unclear if the trolls can be turned away

In most western countries, you simply have to report it to the police if you are being bullied or threatened on the Internet. But you see that the regular police do not always have the means to properly conduct such a digital investigation. This is why such a new salad could definitely make sense. It is unclear if this new law also works against unknown trolls. “Even if you can track down and delete the trolls, creating new Troll accounts is still easy.”

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