Australia is open again for students • All Austria is closed from now on

Australia is open again for students • All Austria is closed from now on

Entrepreneurs should be given more time to pay off their tax debts. This is what the MKB-Nederland Entrepreneurs Association argued this morning in Financieele Dagblad. In the Radio NOS 1 News Director Lindert Jan Visser explained the petition.

“The agreement was with the Cabinet: Once the Cabinet has been forced to take restrictive measures, they must also provide compensation for the damage they have done,” Visser said. He also wants a new tax deferment. Entrepreneurs must now start paying off their tax debt next year, and they have until October 2027 to do so.

He considers it logical to resubmit the compensation package that the Council of Ministers submitted earlier, because restrictive measures have been taken again. “Entrepreneurs really depend on it.”

The general support package was stopped in October, because according to the Cabinet it is no longer necessary. That package included a large wage subsidy measure, through which companies that had lost sales could get money to continue paying wages. Wage support no longer exists, but entrepreneurs can receive a contribution to fixed costs. According to Visser, this wage subsidy should also be reinstated.

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