Audrey Cordon Ragot is back on the bike after two months of a stroke

Audrey Cordon Ragot is back on the bike after two months of a stroke

Audrey Cordon Ragot is back on the bike after two months of a stroke

Tuesday November 8, 2022 at 15:57

Audrey Cordon Ragot, who suffered a stroke shortly before the UCI World Championships in September, is back on his bike for the first time this week. During her vacation on the French island of Martinique, the experienced Frenchwoman completed a solid training flight of about a hundred kilometers.

For Cordon-Ragot it is a new and important step in the detection process. The 33-year-old rider suffered a stroke shortly before the cycling world championships in Wollongong, Australia. When the French lady was preparing for her trip to Australia, she began to feel dizzy, and almost drunk. In addition, she suffered from ringing in the ears and tingling in the extremities. With these complaints I went to the hospital, but the doctors did not know exactly what was going on.

It only received confirmation after the French Cycling Federation intervened. The Cycling Federation told her she would have to have an MRI before she could travel to Australia. “Had the Federation not been on board, I would have boarded the plane on Sunday and it could have ended in a big way,” the French champion said. “Without the anticoagulants, I would have had another stroke, and this time a big one.”

Despite everything, Cordon Ragot recovered well. She underwent a heart scan shortly after her diagnosis, which revealed a hole in the heart to be the cause of the stroke. She has now had an operation to fill that gap and now appears to be able to ride a bike again.

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She said earlier in a conversation with her that it is not yet clear which team the 33-year-old Cordon Ragot will play in 2023, but she will not stay with Trek-Segafredo. to liberate. She is associated with the new women’s team at B&B Hotels-KTM. However, there are still many doubts about the latter team. The team will get a major upgrade in 2023, but at the moment it remains unclear how France’s ProTeam is now.

“I am really looking forward to it,” Cordon Ragot looks forward. “Even before my stroke, I felt that I had to embark on a new adventure. I have reached a point in my career where I know when to stop. I am happy to be able to determine that for myself.” This moment will be in 2024, after the Olympic Games in Paris. “Now that my career is almost robbed, I feel even more motivated to get the best out of the next two years.”

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