Athlete of the Year Aaron de Groot takes the title

Athlete of the Year Aaron de Groot takes the title

It was also known that Aaron de Groot was Schiedam’s Sportsman of the Year. But he did not receive his award until the summer. The reason for the late release is simple. The baseball player was still busy finishing his studies and playing college baseball in the United States. “I was still in America until May. So today we agreed. I am glad I can be there.”

De Groot was named Athlete of the Year for his strong streak in Kingdom team under 23 And the “big” kingdom team. He became the European champion with both teams. In the tournament for the national under-23 teams, De Groot also received a personal award. He was named the best player of the tournament. “But to become a two-time European champion in just a few weeks was a really great experience,” says cheerful de Groot.


In addition to the Challenge Cup and a glass, Rotterdam’s Ramy Neptune also received his medal, which will be added to the sports circuit at Stadskantour. “It’s an honor. As a boy from Schiedam City, it’s really great to be able to experience this and my name is now at the top of the circle forever,” grateful de Groot. Soon he will be hanging in the circle among his acquaintances. “Rob Cordmans has been a very good marksman for years at the highest level in the Netherlands and in the world. I also saw the coach of the Kingdom U18s team, Eric de Bruyne. It’s really good to be stuck there.”

In addition, De Groot, along with Antoinette Laan, Alderman for Sport, unveiled a plaque with a QR code on it. After scanning the code, you can read all the stories of the honored athletes of the sports circuit on your phone. De Groot already has his own article on this site, but if it is up to him, this page will be updated as soon as possible at another rate. “Obviously I want to win my first Dutch title with Neptunes. That’s what we are striving for, this is the first priority!”

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