At the end of this week the weather is like spring, and the heat may last for a week Currently

At the end of this week the weather is like spring, and the heat may last for a week  Currently

Although the snow has just melted, we will have to deal with mild, spring-like weather starting this coming weekend. There is a chance that it will stay warm for a week.

In many places in the Netherlands, mercury will rise to 15-17 degrees this weekend. The temperature in Limburg could reach 19 degrees on Sunday afternoon.

We can safely call this one very early in the year, Weerplaza says. However, it is not unique: last year on February 16th, 18 to 19 degrees were measured in the southeast. Then there was also cloud and rain. “This weekend is really going to be spring,” the weather service said.

Since the winds are coming from the south, the northwest will have to deal with cooler temperatures. Markermeer, IJsselmeer and Waddenzee’s waters are still very cold.

When the wind blows on this cold surface, the air cools sharply in a short time. The result is that temperatures, for example, in Friesland and certainly in the Wadden Islands sometimes remain significantly behind.

Nature comes to life

Because the heat can last for a week, Weerplaza predicts that nature is “coming back to life”. Herbs begin to grow again and in fruit trees and young shrubs, among other things, sap flows will begin rapidly, which can lead to the formation of buds and even flowering in the short term.

This is unpleasant news for people with hay fever: especially grass pollen will not take long to arrive. Also, no more rain is expected after Thursday, which will only increase the pollen concentration.

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