At least five deaths from a hurricane in Alabama

At least five deaths from a hurricane in Alabama

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), seven hurricanes have crossed Alabama. The damage was most severe in the vicinity of Birmingham. Also, 55,000 Americans in four different states were left without electricity due to storms.

‘Take shelter’

In the Birmingham area, the NWS has sounded the alarm. I mentioned “Tornado emergency plan, everyone.” On Twitter. Take cover, low and in the middle of the house. Don’t wait until the last minute. Do it now. ‘ A video circulating on social media shows how a car driver is trying to escape from a tornado.

“Several homes were damaged, several people were injured and at least five people died,” Calhoun County Sheriff told CNN. He says he’s worried about a second hurricane. “He may come across the same way.”

Everything started to vibrate

Serious damage has been reported at several locations in Alabama. In Pelham, for example, between 30 and 50 homes were said to have been destroyed. One resident tells how he narrowly escaped the hurricane with his boss. “We were in the car and a short distance from the main house when all hell broke out,” Cesar Villasenor told CNN. “Everything started shaking. I thought we were there.”

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