At least 25 dead in Central America due to Tropical Storm Julia | Currently

At least 25 dead in Central America due to Tropical Storm Julia |  Currently

Tropical Storm Julia killed at least 25 people in Central America. Heavy rainfall causes life-threatening situations, particularly in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Five people were killed in Guatemala after the house they were sheltering in collapsed, the news agency reported AP. In Huehuetenango province near Mexico, nine people were killed, including a soldier who carried out the rescue operations.

Heavy rains also caused casualties in neighboring El Salvador. A man was killed when the current swept him. A falling tree killed another person. Overflowed several rivers in the country on their banks. El Salvador has since declared a state of emergency and has opened 80 shelters.

Authorities said five soldiers were also killed. They had taken refuge in a house, but they were hit by a collapsing wall. In the town of Comasagua, hundreds of police and military officers were raiding alleged gang members.

Many people died in Honduras due to the natural disaster. Tropical Storm Julia has since faded. However, the US National Hurricane Center Warnings. For example, there is a high probability of more heavy rain, which could cause mudslides and floods.

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