At 417 km/h on the German motorway: Terrifying video from a Czech billionaire | Link in CV

At 417 km/h on the German motorway: Terrifying video from a Czech billionaire |  Link in CV

VideoFaster than Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1: For Czech billionaire Radim Baser (58), it is clear that things cannot go fast enough. In a high-profile video on social media, he hits the throttle so hard that his Bugatti Chiron reaches speeds of up to 417 km/h on the German motorway. The video has been viewed more than 5 million times.

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There is still no speed limit on certain sections of the German motorway. A perfect place to test my car, Baser must have thought. He says he recorded the scene on a Sunday morning in July 2021 along a highway between Berlin and Hanover. At the beginning of this month, he posted the video online.

Radim Basser (58) hits 417 km/h on a German highway with his Bugatti Chiron. © screenshot

Since then, the photos have caused an uproar in Germany. Some Czech viewers accuse irresponsible driving, but the question is whether this action will have legal consequences. After all, there is no speed limit on the relevant road, although in Germany you can always be penalized for irresponsible driving. In response to a question from the Associated Press, the German transport ministry said that “any behavior on the road that leads or could lead to danger to (others) road users is reprehensible.”

All road users must comply with the rules of traffic regulations. The law requires drivers to “drive only at that speed where they maintain control of the vehicle at all times”. It is doubtful whether this is still the case when driving at a speed of 417 km / h on public roads.

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