Asteroid: Another huge asteroid orbiting the Earth … What did NASA say?

Asteroid: Another huge asteroid orbiting the Earth ... What did NASA say?

Fortunately, Apophis, the largest asteroid to hit Earth, has deflected last year.


Asteroid: Fortunately Apophis, the largest asteroid to hit Earth, died last year. However, NASA scientists say another large asteroid is rapidly approaching Earth this year.

The asteroid orbits Earth at 9 kilometers per second, the fastest speed on record.

NASA scientists discovered the asteroid in March. The asteroid, the size of a soccer field, is expected to be closest to Earth by May 4.

NASA estimates that the asteroid will range from 260 to 580 meters in size. They named it the AF8. Although they are the smallest asteroids to hit Earth so far, the speed at which they are moving is said to be dangerous. They say that the speed of 9 kilometers per second is not normal.

In fact, scientists estimate that the asteroid may have covered a distance of up to 3.4 million kilometers from Earth. Nevertheless, they examine this asteroid very carefully. This is because it is believed to be an asteroid that could harm Earth.

NASA has already identified 22 such asteroids. And they believe that any of these will likely reach Earth in the next 100 years. The largest of them, asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) 2880, was expected to hit Earth.

What exactly are these asteroids?

These are rock-like materials that orbit the sun like a planet. However, they are smaller than the planets. In our solar system, they appear like belts in the orbits of the homes of Mars and Jupiter. They also orbit other planets. It revolves around the sun in the same way.

Once they enter orbit, they get very close to Earth.

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