Army officer accused of indecency for allegedly exposing himself to a doctor in Papua New Guinea

Army officer accused of indecency for allegedly exposing himself to a doctor in Papua New Guinea

An Australian Army officer accused of exposing himself and asking a medical officer to “feel” his thigh due to a tumor is facing a military court in Canberra.

Captain William Michael Hoyson, 29, has been charged with three counts of indecency against two alleged victims, and one count of bringing notoriety to the Australian Defense Force.

The alleged crimes occurred during an APEC meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in 2018.

Captain Hoyson was the Australian Defense Forces liaison officer at the Turama Barracks of the Royal Pacific Islands Regiment.

One of the alleged victims told the court today that Captain Hoyson had exposed himself to her during a medical examination when he claimed he had a hip mass.

The woman, who appeared via a video link to Port Moresby, said she was breaking standard protocol and seeing Captain Hoyson alone at the time of the alleged crime.

She said Captain Howieson has arrived in the exercise equipment.

The woman told the court that she felt the area, but did not find a block, and told him, “Captain Hoyson, there is no block in this area.”

After that, she said, he took off his pants again.

She told the court, “I said: No, I will not do this examination again.”

The woman also informed the court that it was not usual for an Australian officer to request medical assistance from the Papua New Guinea Regiment Assistance Center.

The captain allegedly submitted an unsigned doctor’s note

The medical official said that Captain Hoyson returned a few hours later, after lunch, with an unsigned doctor’s note requesting semen collection over a five-day period, suggesting he needed her help.

The woman said she inquired about the note.

“Why did your doctor ask that you come here under his care?” She said she asked him.

She said she refused to help him and handed him a sample bottle.

The woman told the court that he returned the next day, saying his doctor had flown away.

She said she told Captain Howieson that she was “uncomfortable” and told him to leave.

Under questioning, the woman denied making up the allegations or that she was angry with Captain Hoyson because he was unwilling or unable to help her prepare an ambulance.

She also denied that she was angry that he had not provided the benefits she thought she was entitled to.

The captain faces up to seven years in prison if convicted

If convicted of the alleged crimes, Captain Howieson could face a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

He faces a general military trial governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory, given the sexual nature of the alleged crimes.

The hearing takes place before a panel of five high-ranking officers who act as a jury.

Unlike the ACT courts, the verdict will be by majority rather than unanimous, and the jury will choose any potential punishment.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many witnesses will have to testify via video or phone to Port Moresby.

The trial is expected to take approximately two weeks.

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