Arizona reinstated the 1901 abortion law

Arizona reinstated the 1901 abortion law
internationalSeptember 24 22:10 14:10author: AP

A judge in the US state of Arizona ruled on Friday that the abortion ban dating back to 1901 is now legally in effect again. The law, which bans abortion in almost all cases, was suspended in 1973 due to the federal ruling in Roe v. Wade, who gave women in the United States the constitutional right to abortion.

Roe vs. refused. Wade is highly controversial in the United States. (USA Today Network / CIPA USA)

The US Supreme Court overturned the nationwide abortion right in June by ruling in Roe v. wade to refuse. Since then, individual states can once again define their own abortion laws. In Arizona, since Friday’s ruling, abortion is permitted only if it is needed to save the mother’s life.

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Planned Parenthood, a health organization that operates many abortion clinics in the United States, said Friday in response to the ruling that “a sad outcome is setting the Arizona population back nearly 150 years.” US media reported that an appeal against the ruling is likely.

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