Are you done with Gmail and Outlook? These are 7 Alternative Mail Programs | Technique

Are you done with Gmail and Outlook?  These are 7 Alternative Mail Programs |  Technique

Email, we do this all day long. Most people use apps like Outlook (Americans use the latter mostly), but there are plenty of alternatives. We list seven of them.

Mozilla Thunderbird
Anyone who likes the free Firefox browser might know Thunderbird. This free email program comes from the same makers as the software and is easy to use. The program literally contains hundreds of additional functions with which you can completely design the service to your taste. Thunderbird also offers multiple security features such as built-in Do-Not-Track and external content blocking. You can also use this program as a conversation or as a conversation News server.

Proton Mill
If you want privacy, ProtonMail is a good choice. The Swiss company automatically secures all mail with End to end Encryption. Mail servers are also located in Switzerland (a country with strict privacy laws). It can be used on any device and the apps are available for iOS and Android.

Apple Mail
Apple Mail is the default pre-installed mail program on all Mac computers. With Spartan’s design, usage is both fun and intuitive. All the standard functions are there and nice, too: You can integrate other Apple products and software seamlessly and easily with Mail.

According to some, Tutanota is tougher than the Protonmail discussed above when it comes to privacy. The German service encrypts emails directly on your computer or smartphone. As a result, the encryption key is not available to anyone else. The free account offers limited options, but for 12 € a year you get more options. If desired, you can purchase additional storage separately, which is 1 GB by default.

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This mail service is useful for business use, when you and your colleagues are working a lot on projects. It is an email program and collaboration tool in one. There is access to a work environment in the cloud with useful software, the service has a built-in chat function, you can distinguish colleagues, there is a lot of concern for privacy and advertising messages shine through absence.

This free German post program has two main advantages: users receive at least 65GB of storage space (around 500,000 emails) and you can send files and attachments up to 50MB. With Gmail, for example, the limit is 25MB.

In addition to Apple’s proprietary mail program, many Apple users choose Spark en masse. Not surprisingly, this software has many add-ons and works well with all kinds of productivity tools like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, and Google Drive. Additionally, Spark has a ‘smart inbox’: emails are automatically placed in one of three folders: Personal, Newsletters, and Notifications. For example, you can also specify whether you want to receive notifications for all incoming emails or only important messages. very calm.

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