Archery how to start? Boogsport Vlaanderen shows you the way | keep working

Archery how to start?  Boogsport Vlaanderen shows you the way |  keep working

Jarno de Smedt little friday morning The Belgian striker for the Tokyo matches. Even before the official opening ceremony, the archer is trying to get a proper starting position for the elimination rounds. Want to follow in Jarno’s footsteps? Then take your first steps here.

Stijn Waeijaert is the Sports Technical Coordinator at Boogsport Vlaanderen and loves to take us into the shooting world.

an introduction

“Shooting is a combination of strength, accuracy and focus. After the initial start, you master the first tricks immediately. Once you get used to it and start shooting a lot, you make rapid progress. This makes it very stimulating and attractive is also the fact that the sport affects our primal instincts.”

Stijn Waeijaert while starting shooting

A big attraction is the fact that sports affect our primal instincts

Stijn Waeijaert, archery of Flanders

What specialties are there? Waeijaert: “There are two main types of bow: recurve (used in OS) and compound (or reel bow).
We not only shoot at targets, but also do field shooting and 3D shooting. With the sphere we aim in the jungle at targets set up at different distances, with 3D we aim at fake animals. The other disciplines are standing and lying shooting the swing where the feathers are released.”

“A match consists of a qualification round in which you are forced to secure a place for the elimination round (finals). You compete against a direct opponent. The shooter who wins continues. Such a competition can often take half a full day today. Last.”

3D Archery


What skills do you need to become a good scorer? For Stijn Waeijaert, there are three conditions: “You must be physically sound. Strong, flexible shoulders and a strong back are indispensable.

Archery is also a very artistic sport. Every shot has to be perfect, so you have to constantly improve your technique. So keep practicing! In full preparation for an important match, you throw hundreds of darts every day.”

Finally, there’s the stuff: “This has to be fine-tuned,” Weigart says. “The string, the visor, the bow handle…not to mention the stock. Therefore, perfectionism is definitely an asset.”

In full preparation for an important match, you shoot hundreds of darts every day

Stijn Waeijaert, archery of Flanders

Jarno de Smedt with repeated bowسه

speed bumps

Although archery is well known to the general public, it is not the most popular sport. What is the reason for this, according to Stijn Weigert? “It’s a shame, because it’s actually an accessible sport. You can actually start with some sticks and some ropes. If you want to buy a bow, there are definitely a lot of affordable options. The big problem is that few people know where they can practice archery.”

from where we start?

The best way to learn archery is in the club. Experienced supervisors help you with technique and materials. Many clubs also organize kick-off days to get a taste of the sport.

On the Boogsport Vlaanderen website you will find an overview of all Flemish clubs.

If you shoot competitions for the long haul and you’re good at it, you can get caught on talent day. If you meet certain criteria, you will enter the regional process. From there you can even apply for international competitions and thus take part in the Olympic Games as well. everything is possible!


Currently in Flanders there are three talented young people: in addition to Jarno de Smedt, they are Sina Ross and Ben Adriansen. Also known as Paul Vermeiren, who performed superbly at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and had to earn a fourth place in tears.

Internationally, the Netherlands, the United States, and South Korea have a lot of talent. American Brady Ellison is one of the most prominent figures in the international archery world.

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