Arcade composer hits again this year, but now for Switzerland

Wouter Hardy, dit jaar componist van de Zwitserse bijdrage op het songfestival. (foto: Tom van den Oetelaar)

Wouter Hardy, the composer behind Duncan Lawrence’s Arcade Song Festival, was a hit in Switzerland this year. On Wednesday afternoon, the song “Tout l’univers” written by Gjon’s Tears appeared. A few hours after the announcement, he was at the helm of the bookmakers.

Hardy grew up at Boxtel and now works out of his studio at Tramkade in Den Bosch. In the summer, he got a call from the Swiss participant: “He really wanted to work with me, in part because Arcade, he thought it was cool. He invited me to the writer’s camp.”

Hardy decided to work with other composers and producers. He worked on Tout l’univers with the Belgian poet Nina Sambermans. He got his inspiration from New York: Ground Zero. “Something terrible happened there, but something new appeared. We translated that into love. Once that stops, something new can grow after that. But also think about the aura. We’re also on kind.” It is indisputableKaito: We can’t do anything, but what happens next? “

After his adventure at Eurovision, Hardy initially had no ambition to make a competition song again. But when he heard “Répondez-moi,” the song that Gjon Tears wanted to share last year, he was moved: “This guy can sing at this high level, that’s not normal. Then I thought: Writing never hurts. But we won and did the whole production.”

Hardy will likely replicate his Arcade success with Tout l’univers. The good news is very promising. Shortly after the announcement, the Swiss contribution of all 40 participants came first among the bookmakers.

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