Apple’s iCloud locked down its user account for 6 months due to an error in the alias code

Apple's iCloud locked down its user account for 6 months due to an error in the alias code

Apple’s iCloud was found with a flaw that prevented the writer from accessing her account because her last name was “correct.” A writer named Rachel True complained on Twitter a few days ago that she was unable to log into her iCloud account. Based on her tweet, she was unable to access her account for 6 months, due to a coding issue.

A tweet uploaded by “True” showed a diagnostic screen saying “iCloud has stopped responding”, in addition to giving Apple an option to send diagnostic data. The details section of the window indicates “Cannot set to true” for the last name property. This indicates that Cloud interprets the last name of “true” as a boolean tag instead of a text string.

True said she had already been calling for hours with Apple but still couldn’t sign in. Interestingly, however, his tweets later indicated that it was a bug that could also qualify him for Apple Bug Rewards. As of yesterday (March 6), the issue has not been resolved. However, Apple will likely arrive on Monday or Tuesday for help.

Speaking of iCloud, Apple recently added a new service that allows you to download all photos and videos to iCloud Photo Library and then import them directly to Google Photos. The company explains how users can do this, and it’s really simple. You can download your data from Apple’s privacy dashboard, choose the option to “Transfer a copy of your data” and Apple will do the rest.

On the other hand, the iCloud Windows app that allowed you to sync passwords from your Apple device with the Chrome web browser on your Windows PC was recently rolled out. The Windows Store changelog still states that the password sync function is available, however, if you download it, you will still see it as version 11.6 without the password sync option.

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