Apple is studying multi-user profiles for iPadOS and iOS devices

Apple is studying multi-user profiles for iPadOS and iOS devices

Yes, it is a patent and we all know that a patent is not a guarantee of anything, but the one discovered today by AppleInsider gives hope to all who hope for the continued growth of iOS and iPadOS functionality. The document talks about System can have multi-user profiles on iPadOS.

More specifically, it talks about how a mobile system introduces the login screen, and where Multiple users can have their own passwords associated with the encryption keys. Personal files that are not used will not be accessed by other people thanks to this encryption.

Mandatory encryption for the devices you need

The Pantheon suggests that It will in no way allow the information of each profile to be stored without encryptionAs an attacker with enough knowledge he can access that data by physically removing the memory chips. An iPhone or iPad is much easier to steal compared to a computer, for example. Mac data is encrypted with FileVault, but it’s still optional.

Also, devices like iPhones often contain more sensitive data than many desktop computers. Banking apps and cards with Apple Pay … are a lot more personal devices. Hence, the patent clarifies that multiple user profiles should be encrypted without exception. A T2 chip can take care of these zeros there is no problem.

The iOS 14 certification rate has increased to 81% of all iPhones released since 2016

From this we can get this Yes, Apple is considering at least providing iPadOS with multi-user profiles. Although it may link it to a new type of security chip, which means that not all devices will be compatible with this new mode. If it ends up coming true in the end, of course.

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