ANWB: Pressure on European roads due to return of traffic

ANWB: Pressure on European roads due to return of traffic

The Australian News Agency (ANWB) says it is currently busy on the road in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is also more crowded than usual in France. However, congestion on European roads is expected to be much less than it was yesterday.

In Germany in particular, many traffic jams are expected today. As the holidays come to an end, return traffic is expected to cause the most delays.

He’s busy in Germany on the A8 In Germany near the Austrian border. Traffic has also come to a halt in the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. About eleven o’clock it was heading south two o’clock Delay, North for three-quarters of an hour.

“It’s a Black Sabbath light, but it’s really light,” a company spokesperson says. “We are expecting a lot of traffic returning on the A3 in Germany during the day. Summer vacation is over in large parts of Germany and Scandinavia.”

Since Italy is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans, the roads from south to north will become congested. In Germany these are the Nuremberg – Würzburg routes, and on the A7 motorway between Hamburg and Flensburg. The spokesperson says she’s also busy around the bottleneck in Munich.

The second Black Saturday is busier than the first

In France busy on the A7 motorway between Lyon and Marseille and Delay in Valence Now up to an hour. “In the morning it’s about vacation traffic leaving, and in the afternoon motorists going on vacation get there.”

Circumstances like yesterday, when the roads to the south were delayed by up to six hours, are not expected. But the spokesman says that the delay will increase next Saturday.

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“Until then, many people traveling home will take the road. It can even get busier than yesterday. In the past, the second Black Saturday was often busier than the first.”

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