Antwerp student Ante Pasek (21 years old) won the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York with a short film: “I Thought: Act Crazy” (Antwerp)

Antwerp student Ante Pasek (21 years old) won the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York with a short film: “I Thought: Act Crazy” (Antwerp)

For those not quite at home in the world of cinema: The Tribeca Film Festival was founded twenty years ago, in the aftermath of 9/11, by film icon Robert De Niro, among others. The initiators wanted to help revive the neighborhood of the same name in Lower Manhattan. Successful, because it is one of the most famous film festivals in the United States.

Thursday night at 2:00 BST, the Antwerp student won the Student Visionary Short Award for her short film. dreamers† “I actually don’t believe it. On the one hand, I’m speechless because I never expected it, but also because I haven’t received an official email or anything from the organization yet,” Baske laughs. “Someone sent it via Instagram, and we called them straight away, and that’s how I found out. Then I went looking through social media to see if it was true, and it really was. The programmers wished me congratulations. But I am also waiting for the official comment from the jury. (Laugh). “

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positive drama

The short film tells the story of a father and daughter who have a passion for motorcycles. But the father has an eye disease that is slowly making him blind. As a result, father and daughter have to find new ways to experience beautiful and happy moments together,” Basque says. dreamers She managed to get actors Jurgen Delnaet and Robbie Cleiren.

“The movie is also a story on a positive note, along with some drama. I actually heard the jury estimated that there was also a positive in my story. Because obviously all the movies were dark. So maybe that’s why they chose me.”

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Ante Bask on the set of daydreams. © Jürgen Delnett

“As a student, it is only natural that you present your work in many film festivals. I had dreamers Already posted on some festivals. On Tribeca I thought: be silly.” I wrote and directed the film as part of my undergraduate thesis at the RITCS Film School in Brussels. “I never expected to be selected. When I got the phone call I was very surprised. That was really an emotional moment, and now I’ve won an award. I can only hope this opens the gates for me.” Curious about the short film? You can watch it online at


Pask is currently in her final year at RITCS and is already working on another project: Bakerhead† “I will start shooting in August. I hope I can send this movie to as many festivals as possible. I have also started crowdfunding it online, because we have to fund everything ourselves.”

With this film, Ante hopes to end her career at RITCS well. “Graduation and then finding work is now a priority for me. I hope I have created a vision and can start in this sector. But I am also realistic and keep my feet on the ground; although I have let in some shouts of joy over the past few hours. Also a shout out to my crew. And the actors because this crazy adventure because of them would never have come true.”

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