Antonio Garcia Martinez couldn’t understand the way Apple kicked him out

Antonio Garcia Martinez couldn't understand the way Apple kicked him out

Antonio Garcia Martinez didn’t like the way Apple fired him a few weeks after he was appointed and announced the matter..

He has been recruited since April into the Apple’s advertising platforms team for the App Store and News, and was fired after a petition was filed from more than 2,000 employees questioning his appointment and requesting an investigation that was circulated and made public before. the edge.

The root of this complex situation lies in a book published in 2016, Anarchy Monkey, In Silicon Valley, which was considered racist or anti-women.

Former Facebook CEO and former Twitter advisor to it sender Yesterday, a series of tweets in which he was surprised by the reaction of Apple, and in turn, he listed his complaints.

First, he states that Apple was pushing to persuade him to join Cupertino, given his record of service and skills in advertising, data usage, and private life issues.

Upon accepting the offer, Antonio Garcia Martinez said that he sold his home – ‘ Built with my own hands In Washington state – and delayed writing it for years to come at Apple.

He adds that the content of his writing was discussed at length during his job interviews, as was the way in which he distinguished between his personality and that of the book (which was not promoted as a work of fiction). It was decided to dismiss him. Finger snap And followed by a statement from Apple believes. ” It clearly means there has been inappropriate behavior on my part during my time at Apple. It is strictly defamatory and erroneous ».

« At Apple, we’ve always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace that everyone is respected and accepted. The American press manufacturer announced, There is no place here for behavior that demeans or discriminates against people ».

In the Wall Street JournalAntonio Garcia Martinez reiterates that his recruits at Apple were completely aware of his writings, but nonetheless introduces the error: This book does not know me today, nor did it define me then. Honestly, there was a literary character there. I was trying to create a style, with my own naive and new style, which in hindsight, I used to think was a mistake and I feel so sorry for that. ».

Anarchy Monkey (Untranslated) had received a positive review from The New York Times When it was published, despite some flaws in style or interest in some reported facts: However, in one way or another, “Chaos Monkey” manages to be an irresistible and indispensable 360-degree guide to the new tech enterprise. ».

Perhaps thanks to the publicity about this book, it is currently, in its various forms, in the third, sixth and eighth place in Amazon USA in its category, having climbed for a while to the first two places. It is # 1 of the paid books in its field … on the Apple Store.

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