Anton embarks on an unlikely attempt to set a world record as he runs barefoot

Anton embarks on an unlikely attempt to set a world record as he runs barefoot

Afghanistan veteran Anton Nottenbaum will try from tomorrow to improve the world record in walking barefoot. If the hero born in 1986 and raised in Goes succeeds, he will have an unexpected world record in six months (!).

When we wake up in the Netherlands on Saturday, Anton Nootenboom (34) begins walking barefoot from Cairns, Australia. It is a walk of 2,600 km, ie. The standard excursion takes him along the beautiful but also dangerous east coast to Australia in six months. If Anton reaches the final city of Sydney, he will be mentioned in The Guinness Book of World Records. Walking has become hugely popular in the Netherlands due to Coronavirus – and it’s healthy while working from home – but trying to “our” barefoot walkers is a completely different story.

Barefoot on Mount Everest

Press officer Jeroen Solfs says that Anton Nottenbaum is “not completely untrained”. And this one low. Swolfs also organizes training courses with the company Make the impossible, its enough. Back to Anton: Gone in 2019 with the name The Dutchman is barefoot Barefoot over a portion of Mount Everest. Arrived at Everest Base Camp with full luggage.

Many will wonder why these 2,600 kilometers are barefoot. why? Anton Notenbaum has a good reason for this. The former Zeeuw made three tours in Afghanistan as part of NATO’s ISAF missions. After his time in defense, he decided to go out into the wide world and ended up in Australia. Anton noted that he suffers from more and more psychological problems as a result of his time in Afghanistan. A big problem among veterans. His treatment was walking barefoot.

Run for charity

He now wants to gain attention through his rounds Man’s mental health. The proceeds from his record attempt goes to charities that focus on this.

Barefoot Journey The Dutchman is barefoot It really started now. In the next six months, he’ll run 25 kilometers every day, if he’s successful for a while. Anton Notenbaum will have to overcome the necessary difficulties. We are talking about walking on the scorching hot roads, but also about the dangerous nights. On the way in a tent and he will have to keep his eyes open – as far as he goes – to snakes, spiders and crocodiles.

Follow a strange tour?

Want to follow up on Anton’s bid for the world record, or maybe support it? This can be done via their website Thebarefootdutchman. Below you can also see his Instagram account.

You’ll also undoubtedly read Anton Nootenboom’s adventure in Metronieuws later. We hope for him in six months.

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Anton embarks on an unlikely attempt to set a world record as he runs barefoot

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