Antivaxxer refuses to sell a home to vaccinated people

Antivaxxer refuses to sell a home to vaccinated people

A Swiss homemaker refused at the last minute to sell her home to two people because they had been vaccinated. That reports the Swiss news site Watson. The seller is an anti-fax. She said she feared buyers would die from vaccinations before the deal was completed.

During a dinner party, the woman asked interested buyers if they had been vaccinated. When they honestly answered that they had been vaccinated, the seller decided that she no longer wanted to do business with the couple. Women have so objected to house hunters that nowadays it is very difficult to find a “common base”.

People are allowed to refuse when selling a home based on their vaccination status, according to the Swiss version of The Local. The salesperson may also decide not to sell because he doesn’t like your face, according to an attorney.

According to Our World In Data, 63 percent of the Swiss population is fully vaccinated. According to the same website, this percentage is 69 percent in the Netherlands. These ratios look at the total population, including children under 12 years old.

Copy to photo: Alexandre Podvalny

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