Anthony McFarland is inactive to Stellarians at Week 14 in Buffalo

Anthony McFarland is inactive to Stellarians at Week 14 in Buffalo

The Pittsburgh Steelers released idle in its Week 14 match against the Buffalo Bills. Two players were disqualified due to injury prior to the match, but Robert Spielan was placed on the reserve / injured list on Saturday and is no longer on the active list. Since the player was a single player who was promoted from the coaching team, the roster consisted of 6 players one of them due to injury and five for health scrapes.

The biggest surprise on this list is that the rookie did not get a helmet against the Beals, Anthony McFarland Jr. MacFarland has been inactive several times early in the season, but has not missed a match as a healthy scratcher since the second week of the season. MacFarland missed the Steelers Week 10 match against the Bengals due to injury. This season, McFarland has 91 yards on 27 attempts with 45 yards on five receptions. With James Conner returning to the squad from their Reserve / COVID-19 roster, the Steelers are heading with three backs Conner, Penny Snell Jr., and Jailyn Samuels.

As expected, Joe Haden will be absent from Week 14 due to a concussion. Unable to train all week, Haden is still in the NFL concussion protocol and will still need to exit the protocol before returning to the game’s excitement. Hadden joins the quarterback with Joshua Dobbs who is now in his thirteenth straight week of inactivity.

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Two other players on the Steelers inactive list are Kevin Rader and defensive line man Isaiah Buggs. The Steelers have not worn more than two tight ends this season, so Ryder remained on the 53-man list as insurance after Zach Gentry was injured. As for the defensive line, the Steelers actually wear an extra player than they usually do because they hold a seven in the center. So, Buggs was the odd guy at 14 weeks down from Carlos Davis the week before.

The last player on the inactive list is striker Derwin Gray. The Steelers finally have a full healthy attacking streak, so Gray is resuming his place on the inactive list for the second week in a row.

As for the hero of the bill, he can be seen below.

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