Anthony Hopkins (father) in the exciting mystery science fiction trailer ‘Zero Contact’

Anthony Hopkins (father) in the exciting mystery science fiction trailer 'Zero Contact'

Below is a trailer for Zero Contact, a mysterious new science fiction movie starring Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins (the fatherSilence of the Lambs† In addition, it also appears to be “one of the first NFT films ever made”.

Zero Contact follows five characters scattered around the world. They are connected with their devotion to the late tech pioneer Finley Hart (Hopkins), but also by the fact that they all strive to stop Hart’s secret and potentially deadly technology invention. This machine is either the solution to mankind’s problems, but it could also mean the end of life on Earth.cast and crew
The rest of the cast includes Alex Paunovich, Tova Nowotny, Rukia Bernard, Veronica Ferris, Adrian Holmes, Lily Krug, and Martin Stenmark. Rick Dogdale was directed by Rick Dogdale and written by Cam Cannon.

Seemingly zero contact It was released last year on the NFT Vuele platform, but the film is now heading to the cinema. The film, which was made in 17 different countries in 2020 during the pandemic, will be released in the United States on May 27.

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