Another earthquake in Java, only minor damage was reported

Another earthquake in Java, only minor damage was reported

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The Indonesian island of Java was hit by another earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.4, and its epicenter was near the town of Garut, east of Bandung. It was also felt in the capital, Jakarta.

One person is known to have been injured in the earthquake. Furthermore, only minor damages have been reported in homes so far. A school was also damaged. The authorities are still conducting an inventory of the area.

The Indonesian seismological institute BMKG says the quake was at a depth of 118 kilometres. No tsunami warning was issued. BMKG warns of aftershocks.

‘Massive panic’

The fear of an earthquake is still strong in Indonesia. This is the second major earthquake to occur in a short time. Two weeks ago, an earthquake also hit Java. At least 300 people were killed. More than 2,300 buildings were damaged, leaving many people homeless.

“This earthquake has caused great panic among the people during the monsoon season,” said the driver of the affected area today. According to him, hospitals and ambulances are ready to treat any victims.

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