Annual Review 2021: June – L1

Annual Review 2021: June - L1

GGDs began vaccinating the homeless. This is a hard-to-reach group. So the reception places were visited and vaccinations were given there. Reporter Sjors Abeling who visited the orphanage in Maastricht:

Tim in the Panhuis wants Roermond to know who will get to the final destination faster: on a bicycle or a package conductor. He charted a 1200 kilometer journey to Monaco. But 500 kilometers before the end something went wrong. Tim broke his arm when the rear wheel of a bicycle got stuck on a tram track in Geneva. However, he is back on his bike to symbolically complete the last kilometers to the final destination.

In the meantime, the provincial council tried to form a new council, but that was not easy. Correspondent Jan van Hove noted that as there was a tentative agreement to continue an extra-parliamentary committee, more and more parties withdrew.

A little more than a month before the festival was scheduled to start, there was a hitch on “A Holographic Sunday”. The municipality of Venlo has not granted permission for the event in Juliana Park. This has affected the organization severely, says Mark Potts.

In 2015 we were able to see an eclipse in our country for the last time. But on June 10, the moon moved in front of the sun again. A great day out for its fans, like Henk Bril from Nieuwstadt, who has already traveled all over the world to witness a solar eclipse. and felt like it.

Then we go cycling. Wout Poels, who was a leader in the Tour of Switzerland at the beginning of June, looked forward to the Tour de France that began the same month in Brest, France.

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Amateur WDZ club from Bocholtz, which was allowed to call itself Club of the Year in the sports category after an exciting election. This paid off, to the astonishment of the surprised club members. Board Member Guido Schippers:

Peter R. de Vries announced in June that he had created the Golden Tip Foundation. The goal was to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Maastricht student Tanya Gruen.

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