Anne Van Damme of Dutch golf at the Tokyo Games •

Anne Van Damme of Dutch golf at the Tokyo Games •

Although Van Damme (25) did not meet the qualification requirements (placed in the world’s top 100 players on June 28), the NOC*NSF took into account the fact that the Arnhem woman had a serious obstruction on her qualifying track this year. Due to COVID-19 measures. As a result, Van Damme could not play a number of tournaments on the Women’s European Tour in Europe and get a chance to improve her position in the rankings. According to NOC*NSF, if she had been able to travel this route undisturbed, the chance of meeting the national performance requirement would have been real. “That’s why she qualifies for the exception rule.”

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Van Damme, who currently ranks 123rd in the world rankings, will play a limited number of tournaments in the United States on the LPGA Tour this season. In order to defend her position on that round, she also had to cancel early on for the Big Green Egg Open, which will take place at Rosendaelsche Golf Club from June 30 to July 3. “If I had had a better start to the season in America, I would definitely have come to Holland. But I had to focus on the LPGA to raise the ratings, now that is a priority. It’s a shame because I really love to play in Holland and definitely in Rosendalich,” Van Damme told GOLF. .nl earlier.

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In 2016, golf returned to the Olympic calendar. The Netherlands was represented in the men’s tournament only by Joost Luiten.
Thus, Van Damme becomes the first Dutch golfer to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. I am glad that I had the opportunity to represent the Netherlands in Tokyo. Last year, when the Olympic qualifying deadline passed, I had fulfilled the requirements. Of course I would have preferred to comply with these terms this year, but I am glad NOC*NSF has taken the conditions into account.

Big Green Open spokesperson Dan Slaughter spoke to Anne Van Damme, who lives in America, today about the great news and the Big Green Egg Open.

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Jeroen Stevens, director of the Royal Dutch Golf Association, expressed his satisfaction with the NOC*NSF decision. “It is good news for Dutch golf, which we are committed to every day as a sports federation. The NGF is committed, among other things, to the rejuvenation of golf and to increasing the number of women in our sport. This now represents only a third of the number of golfers in the Netherlands. Here is why In we are also organizing the Big Green Egg Open this week, where Dutch talents get to smell the international summit and dream of following in Anne’s footsteps.

Golf talents in Arnhem

This week, several European champions and Dutch talents will participate in the Big Green Egg Open, one of 27 tournaments on the European Women’s Calendar (LET) in a special format. The championship is over 4 days and 72 holes. In the final two days of the tournament, when the tension builds, 30 young golfers will compete on flights with the best European golfers vying for the title at Rosendaelsche Golf Club. Thanks to this players experience, young talents get the opportunity to gain experience at the highest level and measure themselves directly to the top.

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