Animal Crossing Glitch Stops Players From Walking Throughout Their Zen Bridges

Animal Crossing Glitch Prevents Players From Walking Across Their Zen Bridges
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On Friday, Nintendo rolled out Model 1.3. of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It extra swimming, diving, soaked fits, and also mounted a variety of bugs. Sad to say, it truly is also included a new glitch. A variety of gamers are no lengthier ready to cross above the zen bridges on their island.

This broken bridge glitch looks to only be impacting some players at the second – while there are a lot of films on social media that reveal what precisely is taking place. The participant walks to the center of the bridge and is seemingly blocked by an invisible wall. Take a appear underneath:

Luckily, there are a number of methods to deal with this – but they’re not specifically practical. If you swap to the game’s camera mode you need to then be able to go via the invisible barrier. In any other case, you can take a look at Tom Nook in Resident Expert services and get the bridge demolished.

Animal Crossing gamers have described the very same difficulties over on the official Nintendo assistance message boards. A good deal of people also observe how their zen bridge is found on the 3rd amount of their island – so it could be a little something to do with the game’s boundaries.

I have a diagonal struggling with bridge on my 3rd amount cliff and just after the July 2nd update for the diving set, I are not able to cross it anymore? I tried crossing from the other aspect but it stops my character from crossing the bridge. What do I do?

With any luck, Nintendo is presently doing the job on a patch for this. Have you encountered this glitch your self? Tell us down below.

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