Angry Snitch stuck in F1: ‘These guys just have to speed up’

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Friday 4 November 2022 15:58 – Last update: 16:01

Former Formula One driver Hans-Joachim Stock has been angry at the behavior of some drivers in recent weeks. He won’t name Asma, but hints that it’s constantly about turning corners as the driver oversteps the limits of the track. This happened, among other things, during the Grand Prix in the United States.

Bee sport and talkquoted Speed ​​WeekStuck says the following. “What I don’t understand is that some drivers are referring to other drivers because of the track limits. I won’t name names now, it could happen, but I don’t have to say over the radio that he has crossed the track limits. So you are pure anecdote. I think these guys should That they hurry up.” Stuck didn’t really mention not taking, but it does seem to relate primarily to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

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Hamilton vs Verstappen

At the end of the US Grand Prix, already a few weeks ago, Hamilton came behind Verstappen in P2. The Briton had a great shot at his first win of the season, and he took the opportunity to take it home. Hamilton shouted multiple times over the radio that Verstappen had overstepped the track. In the end Verstappen also got a black and white flag for this, but a little later it was Hamilton’s turn as well. Verstappen himself decided to participate and point out the corners several times as Hamilton went off the track. According to Stuck, this is not a great way to get over each other.

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Race management

According to Stuck, managing a race is sometimes very challenging and should allow drivers to race more. According to the German, this would also prevent situations such as with Hamilton and Verstappen in the United States. “For example, there were two collisions in Mexico, but the drivers don’t go to a coffee shop or anything for coffee. Guys are racing and sometimes you have to make the race turn into a race.” Stuck speaking from experience. “I’m still the chief racing commissioner in Formula E. When there’s only one man in front of the screen, it’s very difficult to make good decisions about anything. That’s why Formula 1 definitely made the mistake of putting Charlie Whiting” to follow up with a “pupil”. Nowadays it is also about very different things than it was in the past, for example the distance to the safety car and the like. This ruined Formula 1 a bit. “

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