ANF ​​protesting the Turkish attacks in Switzerland and Austria

ANF ​​protesting the Turkish attacks in Switzerland and Austria

In Switzerland and Austria, activists against the Turkish attacks on Rojava took to the streets and made it clear that they were determined to protest and resist Turkish aggression.

On Thursday, protests against the ongoing Turkish attacks on Rojava took place in many cities in Europe, including Switzerland and Austria.

Demonstration in Solothurn: “Raise your voice against the massacre”

A demonstration against the Turkish attacks took place in the Swiss city of Solothurn. Activists chanted slogans such as “Long live the resistance of Rojava”, “Kill Erdogan” and “Jane, Jian and Azadi”.

Speaking for the Kurdistan Democratic Community Center in Solothurn (CDK Solothurn), Kaya Demir condemned the silence of global public opinion over the Turkish state attacks and said: “The Turkish state attacks Rojava. These attacks do not only target military facilities, but instead aim at destroying infrastructure.” In Rojava. Wheat depots and power stations are targeted. As a Kurdish people and their friends, we will take to the streets until these attacks stop. From here we appeal to all our people and their friends. Raise your voice against this massacre.”

Demonstration in Winterthur

In Winterthur, a joint demonstration was organized between the Rojava Committee, the Kurdish Association CDK, the Revolutionary Youth Organizations and the Revolutionary Revolutionary Party. The co-chair of CDK Winterthur, Ibrahim Botan, called for solidarity with the Kurdish people and spoke about the Turkish attacks in Rojava and southern Kurdistan, as well as the massacres of the Iranian regime in eastern Kurdistan. The resistance will continue despite all attacks.

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Demonstration in Innsbruck: ‘The airspace over Rojava was closed’

A demonstration was also held in the Austrian city of Innsbruck. After a minute’s silence for the fallen in front of the Tyrolean parliament, Rogda Kogeri of the Committee for Women in Architecture spoke. It condemned the attacks of the Turkish state and called for closing the airspace over Rojava. Then the activists marched around the city under the flag of the People’s Protection Units and People’s Protection Units and carried pictures of the Kurdish actor Abdullah Ocalan.

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