Andy Cohen irritates Anderson Cooper by posting nude photos of CNN host

Andy Cohen irritates Anderson Cooper by posting nude photos of CNN host

Anderson Cooper has vowed to take revenge on old friend Andy Cohen after Cohen shared some shirtless photos of his friend with the world this week.

Watch what happens live Host Cohen has been in close friendship with CNN host Cooper for 25 years.

This week, Cohen posted 6.4 million Instagram followers, uploading some of Cooper’s dangerous thirst traps topless.

The Emmy award winner commented on the photos, “If it was a normal year, I would be on vacation with my boyfriend … threatening to post pictures of him without a shirt.

“Well, it’s 2020 and I’m sitting on deck so I thought I’d post without asking and pissing him off! #Silver Fox.”

One of the photos showed Cooper a rose folded behind his ear.

Cohen later addressed his fans on Instagram Stories.

“Anderson is so mad at me, guys. But listen, I’m just sitting here, I’m bored under a blanket.”

He joked, “So what should I do? Maybe I’ll do Instagram Live later, I don’t know. I have Ben W..” Housewives Discounts to watch. That’s what’s going on here … Maybe I’ll post more shirtless pictures of Anderson. “

The pictures spread around the internet like wildfire – and when the famous officialseanpenn Instagram meme (confusing, unrelated to the real Sean Penn) converted the flaming photos into a color collage, Cooper decided that was enough.

“I don’t know how. I don’t know when. But I’ll get bravoandy back for all of this,” he wrote in his Instagram stories:

Despite Cooper’s annoyance, fans were incredibly happy to share the photos with Cohen.

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One fan commented: “You are doing the Lord’s work.”

“Oh my God. Anderson is so hot!” Wrote another.

“Looks like a snack.”

“Thank you for your service to the nation.”

Cohen, 52, and Cooper, 53, have been close friends since the early 1990s, after they were set on a blind date.

In 2016, Cooper told the story during one of Cohen’s episodes Watch what happens live.

“Andy and I were set up for the first time on a date, which never happened because we got a phone call and two minutes later I said, ‘I’m not dating this guy. “

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“It broke my rule of thumb … My mom was mentioned in the first four sentences of my interview.”

Since then, the pair have remained very close, showing support for each other during troubled times, such as the death of Cooper’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt in June of last year, and Cohen’s recent recovery from COVID-19.

They both also became parents at the same time, with Cohen welcoming his son Benjamin, in February of last year, and Cooper announcing the birth of his son White in April.

Cohen has big plans for their kids to be “best friends” just like them.

In August, Cohen said USA Today That: “We’ve got a lot closer since I was on the talk show and since we were on tour together. I mean we’ve been friends for 25 years. He’s just a loyal, caring, sensitive, and incredibly great friend.”

Over the past three years, the duo have also hosted a New Year’s Eve ball party in New York City, while they also went on their own theatrical tour. AC2: An intimate evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Since 2016.

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