Android: New Google system updates are finally rolling out – these innovations come on all devices

android next generation

For many Android users, it has become a norm that the operating system is updated multiple times per month in the background and some new functionality is also surfacing. Thanks to the ever-increasing modularity, google system updates Created, however, is unusually late in the past few weeks. Only now comes the big swing of July for many users. We’ll show you what’s included.

The next generation of android

Google System Updates is a fresh set of updates made up of operating system components that can be updated directly from the Play Store. Previously, this was known internally as “Project Mainline” and changes were only announced in exceptional cases. But with the new name, transparency has also increased and detailed information on improvements is provided several times a month.

By the way, Google system updates are independent of Google Play Services updates and updates via Google Play Store. While system updates are actually related to the operating system itself, play services are responsible for the facility and framework. The Google Play Store updates the apps that the user uses, so it’s at the top of the three-level update pyramid now. However, most of the updates in July are about improvements to the Google Play Store.

Although the July updates were announced in three batches, the rollout is likely to be on very few devices. Only now, soon in mid-August, several users reported that they received a system update that includes the July innovations. There hasn’t been an August update yet, so there seem to be delays in this area as well. There have been a noticeable number of delays in the past few days.

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critical fixes

  • [Phone] Bug fixes for system administration, diagnostics and facility related services.[1][6]

Account management

  • [Phone] New section headers reappear in the “Data & Privacy” tab in your Google Account settings.[2]
  • [Phone] Improvements to the in-app support experience.[5]
  • [Phone] Family Link user interface improvements.[5]
  • [Phone] Offer users unified security recommendations from their Google Account across Google Apps.[6]

device connection

  • [Phone] APIs for developers to build seamless multi-device experiences.[5]
  • [Phone] With Matter Developer Preview, you can set up and share Matter devices between Matter systems.[6]
  • [Phone] Automatic switching of peripheral bluetooth audio devices between your devices (phone, tablet, laptop).[6]
  • [Auto, Phone] Control whether the sending sender sees the self device as a sending target.[6]


  • [Phone] Game Dashboard lets you choose longer battery life or higher performance, block calls and notifications when playing, access Play Games Achievements, and more. Available on select Android T devices.[6]

Google Play Store

  • Improvements to Play While Downloading feature to allow players to start mobile games while downloading the app continues to reduce wait times.[3]
  • New features to help you discover the apps and games you love.[3]
  • Improvements that allow for faster and more reliable downloads and installations.[3]
  • New features for Play Pass and Play Points.[3]
  • Improvements to Google Play Billing.[3]
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device secure.[3]
  • Various performance improvements, bug fixes, and security, stability, and accessibility improvements.[3]

the support

  • [Phone] Providing the ability to filter data plans available for purchase by different categories received from the carrier.[2]
  • [Phone] Enhanced system update flow to show features included in new Android updates.[4]


  • [Phone] Updates the user experience to the latest Google Material designs, and renames it to “Google Wallet”.[2]

Developer Services

  • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support map-related developer services in their apps.[1]
[1] Available through the Google Play system update for the month of July
[2] Available through Google Play Services Version 22.22 updated on 07/28/2022
[3] Available through Google Play Store v31.1 updated on 07/28/2022.
[4] Available through Google Play Services version 22.24 updated on 07/28/2022.
[5] Available through Google Play Services Version 22.26 updated on 07/28/2022.
[6] Available through Google Play Services v22.30 updated on 07/28/2022.

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