Android Auto: The modern Android Automotive interface is coming – Polestar ad shows the new design


Google’s information and entertainment platform Android Auto with the operating system Android Auto He’s had a branch for a long time, which has already changed his deck design a few times and is likely to do so again soon. Volvo’s company Polestar invites you to this event and should present not only a new car, but also the next generation of cars.

Android auto theme alternative

infotainment operating system Android Auto It should spread widely in the next few years, because many of the major manufacturers have long promised to support them or already have vehicles with the fledgling Google platform on the way. The Polestar brand was not only Google’s number one partner, but still the most important partner, because innovations around the platform in terms of vehicle display are being announced over and over again. It wouldn’t be different this time either.

Polestar invites you to the event on October 12th to present the Polestar 3. You can already read the narratives about the car on the relevant websites, but from Google’s point of view, the operating system on the tablet centered in the center is much more interesting. Polestar will introduce a new Android Automotive interface, which has appeared several times in the past and has also appeared in marketing images for low-resolution event invitations.

It is expected that Google will be present at the event and will present the new car. In the following screenshot, you can already see which direction the OS is going. It is becoming more modern and slowly one can say that the surface is past its infancy and may have already grown up.

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While Android Auto focuses on landscape mode and sometimes Coming up with Coolwalk’s dedicated interface for multitasking, Android Automotive usually uses portrait mode. In other words, vertical, but the screen can also be rotated and the screen adjusted accordingly. We see the surface divided into four, at least that would be my impression: the actively used Google Maps app at the top. Including two UI elements with current music track and battery charge details. These tools must be replaceable or can be dynamically adapted.

This is followed by a row of apps with the Google Assistant logo, three app icons, and an icon that I unfortunately can’t recognize. Very reminiscent of the revised Coolwalk taskbar. Below that is another bar that forms the actual main navigation of the car. Home, apps, weather, vehicle control, settings, and possibly other functions that are dynamically modified.

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