Android Auto and Android Automotive: Major innovations for Google’s infotainment platforms are being launched


After a long break, Google has shown many users of information and entertainment platforms Android Auto And Android Auto About the major innovations that will be rolled out in the next few weeks. In addition to a completely new design including a modified interface for Android Auto, users of the operating system can look forward to two important new categories of applications.

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Android Auto and Android Automotive are two different sibling platforms. Although they are scattered in the same place and offer a similar set of functions, they are completely different methods and therefore have their own development paths and speeds. So it happens that the innovations on both systems are also very different and are not available on the other side.

Android Auto is basically about connecting a smartphone to the existing infotainment operating system and using the apps and data on it in the car. On the other hand, Android Automotive is a standalone platform that can also be used without a smartphone. Although the mobile device can be integrated, the operating system gets the functionality and updates of Android Automotive itself.

Let’s take a look at the rollout of updates announced over the past few days, which have been rolled out to all users with varying waiting times. The largest number of users can be reached with the new Coolwalk design, which has been seen for months and will finally reach all users.

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Coolwalk surface
Coolwalk’s new interface is the biggest update to Android Auto in the past two years, and it’s much more than just a new design. It highlights for the first time multitasking capabilities that have been lost or at least barely visible. It will be possible to use navigation, music, notifications and another application in parallel and without turning on a single screen. You can see the new interface in the screenshot above.

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The screen is divided into two large areas, with the smaller area divided horizontally again. This results in three areas that can be used. Navigation in the main window can be seen in all sample images, because of course this should also accommodate most of the information on the surface. Everything else is in the realm of widgets or widgets, but it’s still fully usable.

The new interface will be rolled out to all users and used regardless of the available display size. If necessary, the screen can also be divided into a different configuration (a large area above and two small below). Several screenshots and information can be found in this article.

Support for larger screens
In conjunction with the Coolwalk deck, you can provide support for all display sizes. Everything should be supported and used, from small screens supported anyway to screens that have grown in width and height. The Coolwalk deck opens the door to this proverbial wide support, so there won’t be any more visible limbs.

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Android Automotive with video and browser support
Not only with Android Auto, but also with Android Automotive, which can currently only be used by a few users. Since the most important core areas of the infotainment area have been covered for a long time and currently do not require any further development of the operating system, the scope is now being expanded. This includes video support and even a browser for browsing the web.

Neither is available yet, but it’s on the way and has already been announced by Google. YouTube and other video platforms should be usable on Android Auto and the browser not only opens the way for browsing but of course also opens up countless web apps – making the topic of progressive web apps interesting again. All the information about the Android Automotive extension can be found in the following articles.

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