An important feature of iOS is no longer available on iPhone 13 models

Az iOS egyik fontos funkciója már nem elérhető iPhone 13-a modelleken kép

During the introduction of the phone, they forgot to mention that there is a popular feature coming from the new generation.

The 13th generation iPhone models have been with us for several months now, so users can now be confident that even if initially there were features that were not available for some reason, they will definitely be fixed or replaced now.

As it turned out, they were absolutely right, but no one would be happy about it.

It so happened that owners of various iPhone 13 models noticed that the phones have no noise cancellation function during a call. When it was introduced, many people attributed this to the fact that the hardware was still up to date, and that accessibility would surely be available to them later. However, this was not the case, as Apple now confirms.

a 9to5Mac One of his readers contacted Apple Support about the issue, which returned to the customer after a lengthy investigation that iPhone 13 models no longer support this feature, so users will be waiting in vain for it to appear.

Users of previous models don’t seem to have any concerns, Apple won’t pull the option retroactively, and for iPhone 13 users, the best solution is to turn on sound isolation in Control Center.

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