An avalanche in Colorado sees two accused men facing heavy fines

Two snowboarders accused of triggering an avalanche in the United States face a fine of more than $ 234,000 if found guilty.

Evan Hannibal, 26, and Tyler DeWitt, 38, were charged with reckless endangerment due to March 25 avalanche In Colorado, which is buried a stretch of service road under about six meters of snow.

There were no cars on the road at that time and no one was injured. Both Hannibal and DeWitt pleaded not guilty.

Two men were charged with an avalanche in Colorado earlier this year. (Colorado Avalanche Information Center)
The conviction usually sees both men facing a possible six-month prison sentence and a $ 1,045 fine – but a local Fox affiliate. KDVR It was reported that Attorney General Bruce Brown wanted the husband to reimburse the state for the cost of the accident.

He’s seeking to take them down with a $ 234,260 fine.

“They realized there was a danger,” Brown said, “but got down that slope anyway.”

The men pleaded not guilty to the charges of reckless endangerment. (Colorado Avalanche Information Center)

“The public has a bill that must be paid.”

But the skaters claimed the amount was “outrageous,” saying that the authorities praised their cooperation and that the accusations came as a surprise.

The two men said they quickly called emergency services after the avalanche to let them know what had happened.

They are due to return Court On October 27th.
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